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POST PICS! POST A PRICE! SELL IT! Click here for the SFS ad posting guide.

Hello Unregistered! thanks you for using the site to buy, sell and trade your cars, parts and other items. Since 2003, there have been millions of dollars in private transactions that have taken place here in the FREE classified ads. Thank you all for being a part of that!

Many of us know how to post stuff for sale with good results and that's great. For the newbies and as a refresher for everyone... I'd like to offer you all this guide on how to sell your items faster and make better use of the South Florida Stangs Classified Ads.

1.) THREAD TITLE: A properly written thread title makes a huge difference in search results and the overall success of your classified ad. Consider what a buyer is searching for when they are looking for your item. Here are the keys to writing a good thread title:
  • Properly spell the words in your thread title. -- This makes your ad easier to find, increases search results and makes your ad more attractive.
  • Avoid abbreviating words, for example: "f/s fox trans, whls" -- SHOULD MORE LIKE: "For Sale Fox Body Transmission and Wheels"
  • Add more detail: "For Sale 1979-1993 Fox Body Mustang Automatic Transmission and Chrome Pony Wheels"
Is all of that really necessary? This is a Mustang forum, people know what it means...
Detail is important. Don't assume other people know what you are trying to say. Buyers shouldn't need a decoder ring to figure out what you're trying to sell. Buyers also like to be confident that they are dealing with a serious person.
Also, search engines like Google, YAHOO and Bing don't understand what gibberish like "f/s fox trans, whls" is supposed to mean.
Many South Florida Stangs threads have high search engine results. If you want the most exposure possible for your for sale or wanted ad, start with a good thread title.

2.) POST PICS: Take some good, clear pictures (the more the better) of your item and post in your ad. This is very basic, but it's surprising how many ads are posted with no pics... save yourself and your buyer a lot of time and SELL IT FASTER by posting pics. Emailing and/or Private Messaging pictures will only slow down and complicate your sale. CLICK HERE If you need help posting pics.

3.) POST THE PRICE: Most people post prices in their ads. Shockingly, some people do not post the price(s) for their item(s)... The reasons for making sure you post the price are obvious, so please, be sure to post the price!

4.) POST A DISCRIPTION: A good discription of your item rounds out the top four must-haves for a good classified ad. If you were buying an item, consider what you would ask a seller. Write your "for sale" ad with those important details in mind.
What condition is your item in? Is it New? Is it Used? You don't have to write a book about it, but details are important.

If you're selling a car for example; list the year, make, model and mileage. Then list the details, the color, modifications, extras, etc. (Remember to post pics of the interior and exterior.)
List the details in a way that's easy to read and understand (one detail per line works well).
Make an effort to spell and punctuate properly. You can write your ad in microsoft word, spell check it and then copy and paste it onto the site. Use to spell check words... you get the idea...

5.) SUBSCRIBING TO THREADS: Make sure that you are subscribing to threads that you start or post in.
This is the default setting in your user profile... be sure that you are using this setting to keep track of your threads on the forum and especially in the classifieds.

6.) CROSS PROMOTE YOUR ADS: If you posted your item on Craigs List or eBay, post a link to that ad in your classified ad.
Give love back to and all of your friends that are selling items here: post a link to your classified ad on in your Craigs List ads. This will get more exposure for all of our ads back here on, so hook it up!

7.) POSTING PERSONAL INFO: I do not recommend posting your contact information: phone number, address, email address, etc. anywhere within your ad. This is a matter of personal preference, you can post your contact info if you want to... however...
I advise people not to post their personal contact info because it leaves them open to receiving spam, unwanted solicitations, or possibly worse. There are a lot of dirt bags out there that would rather not pay for your item (theiving POS, MF'ers!). Anyway, please use a Private Message to communicate your personal contact information to make it harder for those dishonest people out there to bother you or look you up.

Thanks for reading this guide and thanks in advance for reminding people to read it.
Using this guide will help everyone and improve upon our great and FREE classified ads section.
If you have anything to add, please send me a private message...
Respectfully yours,
SFS Admin

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