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The best looking finish?

Have you ever applied a wax/sealant to your car and it didn't enhance the look in some way, shape or form? I mean where ever you go people are always promoting this brand or that brand of wax/sealant, but in actuality, this product is the least critical one in detailing. There is no point of wasting your time or money searching out what the best wax/sealant is unless the finish you are applying it to is properly cleaned & polished to its maximum potential.

The main reason why your paint looks different after applying a wax/sealant to it is because you are basically filling in and evening out many of the micro-pores and marring. Remember, wax/sealant is basically oil that you are applying to your finish. This oil is very short lived and starts diminishing (evaporating) after the 1st or 2nd wash. A properly cleaned and polished vehicle on the other hand will stay looking its best for the long haul and doesn�t fade away unless it is abraded or marred. The application of a protectant should only be used with the understanding that it is not an indestructible and impervious coating and can be broken down/through very quickly when it comes in contact with most environmental contaminants such as bird bombs, water spots from rain or water with minerals and tree sap. The main thing I rely on my protectant to do for me is help aid in washing, drying and providing a very thin sacrificial barrier on the surface in case my finish is ever exposed to those elements which begin to eat through it almost immediately.

There is nothing more stunning then a properly polished finish, but with this comes minor costs. Yes, the action of polishing is an abrasive process, but with the proper care of your newfound finish, with extremely light polishing will only need to be done on a rare occasion. That is after it has started off with a totally cleaned and polished slate. Case in point, I hate detailing my wife�s minivan. It�s black, is a kid hauler and doesn�t get treated with the respect it deserves. And I certainly don�t look forward to having to polish it. But, because I follow a very meticulous and careful wash regiment (at least once or twice per month) I�ve been able to keep it swirl and mar free finish for well over 2 years (fingers crossed). I�d much rather go this extra length of OCD to not only save me from the treachers of polishing, but save the clearcoat from thinning.

Bottom line, we as passionate car care enthusiasts need to concentrate our efforts more on creating and preserving our delicate finishes (focus on process) and less on the over-emphasis of the products associated with doing it.

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Re: The best looking finish?

This is great advice. Well sad by a true professional. Thanks for the heads up!
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Re: The best looking finish?

Thanks warrior86! Just throwing it out there as so many people as the proverbial question......"What's the best wax?"


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