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SFS Forum Rules REVISED: Please be sure to this read before posting!

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SFS Forum Rules

Welcome to The South Florida Stangs Forums!

Overview and Legal Stuff:
We believe that the majority of SouthFloridaStangs.net's users are mature and self-guiding enough that these rules will fall into the category of common sense. Unfortunately there sometimes arise incidents when it is helpful to be able to refer to a set of written guidelines for what is considered "acceptable behavior".

SouthFloridaStangs.net is a family friendly website. PLEASE do not use foul, abusive, vulgar or s3xually explict language anywhere on this website.

SouthFloridaStangs.net and its staff (Admins, Mods, etc.) are not responsible for what anyone uploads, posts, says or writes within the confines of SouthFloridaStangs.net. SouthFloridaStangs.net is not responsible for the actions or the statements of others either here on this website, in public or elsewhere. SouthFloridaStangs.net is not the place to cause or attempt to settle any dispute. Disputes and the resulting drama will be removed from this website and the parties involved may have their user access locked at our descretion without notice.

Please do not post private and/or sensitive information on SouthFloridaStangs.net. Remember, this is the internet so please do not post your (or anyone elses) phone number, home address, email address or any other personal information (including banking, credit card or any other type of personal, private or sensitive information).

By registering and using the SouthFloridaStangs.net website and forums you indicate that you are over 13 years of age and accept all of these rules and agree to follow them. You also understand that these rules are enforced. The SouthFloridaStangs.net staff will edit the content (threads, posts, polls, avatars, user titles, signatures, etc. Everything, you get the point) of this website without notice.

For dissenter, non-conformist or anarchist types out there: If you happen to disagree with these rules, or you are disruptive, rude, etc. - Please keep in mind that you are a guest here. You do not own this website nor do you have a God-given right to be here. Using this forum is a privilege, not a right. You do not have any guarantee of free speech and you can and will be kicked to the curb if your behavior is disruptive. This is SouthFloridaStangs.net's house and you either play by SouthFloridaStangs.net's rules or you find another place to be. If you have something spiteful or negative to say, keep it to yourself. If you would like to discuss something click HERE to Contact Us.

The word of the Administrator and Moderators is final on any subject. If you have a question about or disagree with the way something was handled by a Moderator, take it up with them in private. Do not debate them in public and disrupt the forums. Furthermore, any use of this site is governed by South Florida Stangs Terms and Conditions of Use which contains SFS's privacy policy and other important information about your user account and your access to this website.

Please be kind, courteous, respectful and helpful to others.

Enjoy yourself and your stay.
-The SFS Moderators and Administrators

The SFS Forum Rules:

These rules have become necessary to keep the forums as friendly and fair as possible for everyone. Just to remind you again, by using the SFS forums you agree to these rules. "Ignorance" of our forum rules is not acceptable defense or reason for anyone to cry victim. If you have a constructive suggestion to add or edit these rules, please click HERE to Contact Us.

1.) When starting a new thread:
  • Do not curse in thread titles.
  • Check to make sure your thread is in the proper forum.
  • If your post is out of place, it will be moved. Also, making use of the "SEARCH" feature will help avoid double posting.
  • Please make an attempt to spell correctly and write coherently. This is a courtesy to everyone.
  • Please limit any Off-Topic threads or posts to the General Forums.
2.) Anything considered "Not Safe For Work":
  • NSFW Avatars and Signatures are not permitted and will be removed (many members browse our site from work, school, etc.).
  • Signatures are intended to be creative images that show off your car, something about you or a combination of things like that. Signatures are not billboards for commercial advertisements. Please do not place advertising banners in your signature. Certain limitations have been placed on signatures to keep their use appropriate. This also helps to reduce server load and enhance your browsing experience with the website.
  • We request that you do not post or place links (or graphics) that promote for other forums, clubs or organizations in your avatar, user title or signature. (That includes threads and posts also.) Contact the Administrator for permission or it will be removed as spam without notice.
  • Signatures should be no more than 700 pixels wide X 300 pixels high. You may add up to two lines of appropriate text under your signature image. The maximum number of lines per signature is 3.
  • Signatures that do not meet these requirements may not display properly and will be removed.
  • Posting offensive comments, pictures, videos, emoticons, etc (including racial, s3xually oriented or otherwise).
  • Disrespecting this website.
  • Organizing illegal street racing. This includes call outs or setting up any illegal street racing.
  • Excessive flaming, or continuing to flame after being asked to stop (even if it's a "separate" incident from your previous warning).
  • Threats of bodily harm, violence or property damage will not be tolerated. Contact Us immediately and report it as soon as possible.
  • Allowing a banned user to post under your username.
  • Having knowledge of and not reporting a banned user that returns secretly.
  • "Relaying messages" from banned users.
  • "Cheerleading" for a banned user by placing comments in your avatar, user title and/or signature (This includes threads and posts also).
  • Trolling: Do not come here to cause trouble or antagonize.
  • Spamming: There will be ZERO tolerance for spam of any kind.
5.) ADVERTISING and Promotions:SFS does not support street racing.
  • SFS is not an organizer of street racing. PLEASE, DO NOT use SFS's website and forums to organize street races.
  • Get Togethers or Meets are intended to be social gatherings for enthusiasts and not staging areas for illegal street racing.
  • Street racing and racing "from a roll" is for irresponsible children. Be responsible adults with your driving privileges and race at the track.
  • We have a clearly posted Anti-street racing policy.
  • Please be safe and responsible drivers and take your desire to race and compete to an appropriate setting like Test and Tune nights at PBIR (Moroso), etc.

South Florida Stangs reserves the right to add, modify, or remove any of these rules at any time. Rule changes apply to past, current and future posts.

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